Regular Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
Regular Member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons

This website was developed so that you have an initial contact with plastic surgery and my working philosophy. I hope you find here the necessary information to decide on any procedure that you are considering. The medical consultation is crucial for you to meet the surgeon and his team, and also for clarifying all your doubts and fears. Together, we will revise your surgical options, discuss potential risks and complications and evaluate your expectations. Each patient must be carefully accompanied and treated before, during and mainly after the surgery.
With more than 15 years of experience in plastic surgery, I am a Regular member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and of the Brazilian College of Surgeons. Moreover, I have expanded my knowledge abroad with famous.

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No matter what type of plastic surgery you are considering to have, one of the most important factors for its success is the surgeon you choose. Although it is hard to believe, some of the doctors who are currently performing plastic surgeries had not had any type of official and formal surgical training.

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  • Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

    Keeping in mind that the faster the surgery and its recovery the more beneficial and convenient it is for the patient, North American doctor John B. Tebbetts developed one extremely fast breast augmentation technique, which consists of thoroughly planning all the surgery details, in order to perform it in thirty to sixty minutes.

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  • Structured Rhinoplasty

    Deformities occurring after rhinoplasty result from some factors: inadequate preoperative diagnose, incorrect choice of technique, mistaken execution of surgical maneuvers and unfavorable scarring. Structural and functional deformities may be caused by an aggressive nasal skeleton withdrawal, imperfect maintenance or reconstruction of its support structures. If these structures are modified and there is no attempt of reconstitution, nasal tissue contractile forces may deform the desired postoperative result during the healing process.

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  • Dermatology Functional Physical Therapy

    Find out what dermatology functional physical therapy can do for your beauty. Learn more about the several types of corporal and face treatments. Lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, relaxing massage, light sheer laser, skin cleansing and hydration.

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  • The Clinic

    Plastic surgery is composed of procedures developed to change the normal body structures of a person or to correct deformities (congenital and acquired) so that there is an improvement in appearance, function and self-esteem.

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